Most Beautiful and Colorful Angelfish Tank Mates to Make Your Aquarium Great

angelfish tank mates

Angelfish Tank Mates – These fish are legendary among freshwater varieties, known for their flat bodies and long, triangular fins. Angelfish Descriptions Angelfish are native to South America, found throughout the Amazon River and also in the Orinoco as well as Essequibo river basins. These fish come in a selection of … Read more

All Things to Know Before You Buy Dinosaur Bichir (Informations & Facts)

dinosaur bichir

Dinosaur Bichir – The Senegal Bichir, likewise referred to as the Cuvier’s Bichir, Gray Bichir, Dinosaur Bichir or Dragonfin, belongs to the Polypteridae, or Lobe-Finned Pike family. This surface-breathing fish has an elongated body and resembles the Reedfish, other than that it has pelvic fins, whereas Reedfish do not. The … Read more

Characteristics of Nerite Snail Eggs | Right Ways to Breeding Nerite Snail

nerite snail eggs

Nerite Snail Eggs –  Neritina Natalensis or you can call Nerite Snails are an aquatic Snail located in tide swimming pools and also in areas where freshwater resources rush to the sea. So their habitat is anywhere from extremely briny, to briny, to freshwater. Because of this flexibility, the Nerite is … Read more