cats that look like tigers

Fabulous Cats That Look Like Tigers, Leopards and Other Big Cats Family

Cats That Look Like Tigers – Pet cat Types That Resemble Tigers, Leopards and also Various other Wild Cats.

If you’ve ever before dreamed of having a tiger, panther or leopard without, you recognize, the risks of living with wild animals, you’re in good luck.

There are lots of domestic pet cats that look like tiger or their huge feline relatives.

Cats That Look Like Tigers

Felines are one of the very most popular pets in the world and will have been.

Our love for an agreeable companion and need to tame something crazy often has us considering cats that look like tigers.

Perhaps this is preferable to walking outside and finding Tigers in people’s glass windows!

It’s important to research your facts on these feline kinds before you dash out and purchase one.

They aren’t as domesticated as the normal breeds that the truth is every day.

Most breeders will let you know many years your cat have been domesticated to offer a concept what you are set for.

If you research your facts and discover the right breed, they could be the best ally you will ever before have.

A lot of the cats that appear to be animals are really loyal and don’t leave their owners part.

So, this full list of cats that look like tigers. Have a good inspiration, and take one ASAP.

1. Toyger


First type of cats that look like tigers are Toyger. With his orange and also black or brownish candy striped layer and muscle body, it’s very easy to mistake the Toyger for an actual tiger cub.

Thankfully, the breed is much nicer (and safer to possess) compared to a tiger cub as well as has the tendency to be wonderful, calm and also pleasant.

His wild looks come from going across a Bengal with a striped Residential Shorthair.

  • Beginning: USA
  • Shades: Orange/tan with dark red stripes
  • Size: Medium
  • Activity Level: Standard
  • Attention Need: Typical
  • Overall: Reasonably manageable
toyger kitten and mom

Just how much do Toyger pet cats cost?

On the standard, a Toyger pet cat cost range is in between $750 to $1,250. A cat that is program high quality could set you back approximately $3,500.

 2. Bobcats

baby bobcat in desert

Bobcats are a stocky, medium-sized feline native to North America.

Bobcats could have the very best companion animal individuality of all the exotic pet cats because they bond highly with their owners.

However, the catch is that Bobcats actually do possess the toughness to eliminate an adult human (has not happened in the recent background from exactly what I can find).

They are short, but they are muscular, and they do have success hunting fully grown deer in the wild, making one suspect that they can conveniently fatally strike humans.

The good news is, this does not appear to have accompanied any type of captive-bred animal, but it does expose that this pet should be heavily monitored around kids (or avoided them).


Bobcats is charming a normally singular, bold, top-level killer type of cat. They can end up being when it is captive-raised. They are one type of cats that look like tigers, specially their ‘aura’.

Bobcats could also be friends with deer when raised with them given that kitten-hood.

They additionally love pet dogs and are very caring.

Do not assume that Bobcats are completely safe, as they can have their hostile moments. They also like the others, have a huge exterior cage to retreat to during the durations when they come to be moody.

Being escape artists, these cages ought to be sturdy and well-designed with a top.

3. Egyptian Mau

egyptian mau

The Egyptian Mau could run up to 30 mph, so he may not rest still long enough for you to see his normally happening spotted layer as well as the unique mascara markings around his eyes.

Scientists believe the type originated in Egypt and also probably descended from an African wildcat.

 4. Bengal

bengal cats

Want a type of cats that look like tigers or leopards as well as the attitude of a domestic feline?

Look no more compared to the Bengal, a breed that was developed by crossing tiny Oriental Leopard Felines with domestic pet cats.

Bengals have spectacular coats that come in many striking patterns: rosettes, places and even marbled, where one or more colors swirl right into his coat’s history color.

  • Beginning: USA
  • Shades: Some shade variations with in a different way formed areas
  • Size: Medium to huge
  • Activity Degree: Extremely high
  • Attention Need: High
  • Overall: Energetic felines, extremely intelligent and also clever. Unlike most felines, they love water.
bengal australia kitten

Just how much do Bengal cats cost?

On the average, a Bengal feline rate array is between $450 to $800. A feline that is show quality could cost from in between $1,500 to $2,500.

5. Ussuri

ussuri cat

An Ussuri is a crossbreed in between two wild felines such as the Amur Leopard Felines which is an Oriental Leopard Cats subspecies as well as the Amur Woodland Cats.

Ussuri came from Russia and is medium in size. Ussuri is somehow easy to pet because it just calls for little interest as well as this sort of cat is very peaceful as well as reluctant.

6. Cheetoh

angry cheetoh

The Cheetoh is a result of reproducing Bengals and also Ocicats to create a specially acknowledged pedigree breed.

  • Beginning: United States
  • Shade: Brown, silver, cinnamon and snow.
  • Size: Big
  • Activity Level: Extremely high
  • Attention Need: Ordinary
  • Overall: A muscular feline that is sports, elegant and also supple. At the very same time, the Cheetoh has mild as well as mild-mannered character. The males show definite maternal characteristics towards kittycats and more youthful cats.
cheetoh kitten

Just how much do Cheetoh pet cats set you back?

On the standard, a Cheetoh cat price variety is in between $400 to $800. A cat that is program top quality could cost more.

7. Geoffroy’s Cat

Geoffroy’s Cat

The last type of cats that look like tigers are Geoffroy’s cats. They are tiny cats belonging to the southerly and also main areas of South America.

Geoffroy’s cats are one of the tiniest wild cat types in the world, at just 4-8 extra pounds when completely grown, and obviously are no public safety danger to human beings.

Offered their adjustments to the indigenous nation, they could make it through severe heat and cold conditions.

They are additionally relatively uncommon in the animal profession, and their genetics swimming pool is sadly limited in bondage.

This certain cat is utilized making a very uncommon crossbreed called the Safari pet cat (discussed listed below).

Geoffroy’s Cat funny face

The Geoffroy’s feline’s POINTS OUT condition is Appendix 1, meaning their trade is strictly controlled but enabled.

Regardless of their exceptional handful in the wild, they are being eliminated in zoos because of the absence of area for small feline species. Personal owners can help.

This is a pet cat that like the ocelot, but rather shy as well as less social.  This the reason why they are a poorhouse pet selection as it would need a great deal of personal privacy and also little sound pollution.

These reluctant felines can come to be aggressive along with their nervousness, and these top qualities may enhance when they get to sex-related maturation.

Cats That Look Like Either Black Panther, Leopard, Lion, Puma, Cheetah or Jaguar

Not only type cats that look like tigers, we have many cats species that similiar to other member of big cat family, like leopard, lion, jaguar, cougar, panther, etc.

8. Bombay

bombay cat

If it weren’t for the Bombay’s calm as well as relaxed disposition, you ‘d assume he was a small black panther.

The breed’s exotic looks were attained by going across sable Burmese with black American Shorthairs, making him the nickname “the patent-leather child with the new-penny eyes.”

9. Ocicat


With a coat that can be dotted with tawny, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lavender or fawn areas.

The Ocicat is quite an exotic-looking breed. However there’s absolutely nothing crazy about him.

He’s the result of going across Abyssinians, Siamese and American Shorthairs.

The Ocicat is a domestic type of pet cat which appears like a wild ocelot (thus the name Ocicat).

However has no wild DNA in its genetics swimming pool. The Ocicat was established by breeding of Seal Point Siameses and Ruddy Abyssinians.

  • Beginning: USA
  • Shades: Tawny, delicious chocolate and cinnamon.
  • Size: Medium to large
  • Activity Level: high
  • Attention Need: Typical
  • Overall: Friendly and friendly cats. Most Ocicats are very good at feline dexterity because they are extremely toy-driven.
ocicat kity

How much do Ocicats set you back?

On the average, an Ocicat rate range is in between $300 to $800. A cat that is program high quality can set you back more.

10. Savannah


A relatively new type that was acknowledged by The International Feline Association (TICA) in 2012. The Savannah is understood for his unusual look.

His big, high ears rest on the top of his head, and he has a lengthy neck, lengthy legs, and a brief, thick tail. They uses a unique discovered and candy striped layer.

savannah cat close up

And also it’s no wonder he’s so wild looking, the breed was created by crossing an African Serval with a residential cat.

11. Somali

somali cat_catsthatlooklikelion

As the longhaired variety of the Abyssinian, the Somali also bears the look of an African wildcat or looked like King of Animal Kingdom, Lions.

And also thanks to his bushy tail, he could be mistaken for a fox, also.

Like his shorthaired relative, the type tends to be brilliant, interested and highly active.

If you’re seeking a lap pet cat, then the Somali may not be for you.

12. Serengeti Cat

serengeti cat

This Serengeti Cat differs in various colours such as silver, solid black, ebony, tabby as well as ebony smoke.

This is a crossbreed in between the Oriental Shorthair cat and the Bengal.

cute serengeti cat

Serengeti looks like an additional pet cat breed, the African Serval.

Nevertheless, without any genes of a Serval. The Serengeti Cat came from the United States of America and also is medium in size.

No have to brush this type too much. However, this is a very vocal pet with high task level.

13. Pixie Bobs

pixie bob

By simply taking a look at this adorable little animal, what can you see?

Yes, you are right. The reason Pixie Bobs are made is to resemble, the North American Bobcats.

Nevertheless, according to DNA tests, there are no marker genes discovered from Bobcats. This breed came from the United States, and their colours are specifically like Bobcats.

Unlike other cat breeds that appear like tigers, Pixie Bobs vary in sizes from tiny to Medium in addition to their coat kinds (they can either have long hair or short hair).

adorable pixie bobs

Caring for Pixie Bobs are in fact a little challenging specifically if it is about brushing.

It only calls for little brushing if your Pixie Bob has brief hair yet if it has long hair then you should preserve it as well as brush your animal once a week.

Not so hard as compared to other animals with really long hair.

Even though these type of pets are quiet, they have high task level as well as most of all. They are extremely obedient.

It resembles we located one prospective home family pet!

14. Abyssinian

abyssinian colors

Thanks to his special ticked layer, the Abyssinian bears the appearance of an African wildcat or maybe similiar to cougars. And it’s not simply his coat that’s an attention-getter.

He also stands apart for his playful, smart and energetic nature.

15. Servals

serval in wild life

Servals, which originate from Africa, are possibly among the more preferred exotic cats maintained in the United States.

Now and then, a pet dog serval (or Savannah feline, talked about additionally below) leaves from a house and is identified by the news media as a ‘cheetah’.

Which it superficially looks like as a result of its discovered markings and lengthy legs in contrast to its body.

The serval nevertheless has huge pointed ears like a fennec fox as well as is much shorter compared to the larger feline that it shares its range with in the wild.

Typically individuals will take a look at a serval as well as think it to be a hazard to the life of its caretaker, but this medium sized feline is only curious about little pet victim like birds, rats, and also probably a little antelope types.

Servals will flee the presence of the average-sized (as well as probably below) humans and also have not been videotaped eliminating any participant of our varieties as of yet.

As one can presume, a bite from a serval is something that ought to be prevented. All exotic pet cats can posture this risk if they feel threatened or cornered.

Servals angry

Servals are unresponsive, quiet, as well as could be tolerant of various other pet dogs when elevated in the house.

They are also easier to confine, not being serious climbers.

Servals are usually used as instructional pets; you may have them being walked on a chain and also showing their amazing leaping ability to a target market.

Servals are susceptible to weight gain without appropriate exercise as well as enrichment, so this species needs an owner who’ll motivate this.

16. Ocelots

ocelot in grass

Ocelots are a tiny wild cat from South The U.S.A. (although they can occur as much north as Texas.)

They have big glassy eyes and stunning markings, making their charm as a pet apparent.

Notoriously, an ocelot was kept as an animal by Salvador Dali. Nonetheless, they are now rare in the pet dog trade and very difficult to obtain (if it is still feasible).

sleepy ocelot

Ocelots are also, in contrast to the various other wild cats, more tough to maintain as pets. Unlike the more fairly social pet cats, ocelots will certainly not take note of corrective commands and have a poignant smell.

Ocelots release a disturbing-sounding breeding ‘growl’ that could be listened very well.

17. Fishing Cat

Fishing Cat in water

As the name indicates, this pet cat likes to play in the water.

Fishing pet cats are not as usual in the ‘pet’ trade either, normally just existing in USDA licensed facilities since they are a felid tag (a wildcat consultatory group) handled varieties.

Kapi’ yva Exotics maintains the only private collection of these animals (they are approved by the Zoological Association of America).

fishing cat

The 2008 IUCN Red Checklist of Threatened Types lists fishing felines as jeopardized.

They have been presented to the personal animal trade in various other countries, nonetheless (most likely through unlawful or unethical ways).

Because of their uncommon presence as pet dogs, there is little details about them readily available.

18. Chausie

Chausie in flower field

Chausie running through blossoms and grass. This furry close friend look very muscular with a wide upper body and hefty bone structure.

Their long legs as well as long understood make them very long when you compare them to your average house feline.

These are among the most usual cats that look like Tigers or puma because they have brief fur that is very easy to preserve. They are often compared to a Cougar for their striking resemblance.

  • Beginning: France
  • Shade: Black, Brown,
  • SilverWeight: 7– 15 lbs.
baby Chausie in bedroom

Chausie Cats ought to be kept indoors due to their propensity to obtain in the problem.

They have an all-natural sense of fearlessness, so they do not know any kind of much better than to mess with the wrong pets.

The good news is, they are smart and sports adequate to get themselves from trouble in a hurry a lot of the moment.

19. Asian Leopard Cat

asian leopard cat

Eastern leopard cats are timid and also evasive in nature, being nocturnal as well as careful of individuals.

They are likewise bad residence pets and do finest with significant time to themselves (and also their big enclosures).

They can still be tame adequate to communicate with their caregivers, yet just if they are regularly communicated with.

Asian Leopard Cat face close up

Eastern leopard felines are the pet in charge of the presence of the incredibly popular Bengal feline.

Bengals are legal in many states relying on the generation.

Some subspecies of leopard pet cat are endangered as well as require difficult to acquire licenses.

These subspecies are illegal to have as animals and also leopard cats are needed to have documentation that confirms they do not come from this threatened team.

Cats That Look Like Tigers Are Exotic

cats that look like tigers

Having a feline is already a dream become a reality, yet having cats that look like tigers are so remarkable!

They will certainly always exist walking around your house, cleaning their fur on your legs, have fun with rounds and also make you satisfied.

So what are you waiting on?

Choose any one of these cool type of cats that look like tigers or any member of big cats family and just immediately obtain one. You will never know just how animals could make us all happy despite just how unfortunate life is.

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