Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Best Kitchen Splashback Ideas & Cool Tile Decoration That Make You Inspired

Kitchen Splashback Ideas – Are you seeking some superb ideas for your brand-new kitchen splashback?

Mounting a brand-new splashback is a terrific method to upgrade your kitchen without experiencing a complete remodel.

To inspire your future restorations, we have gathered our preferred kitchen splashback ideas from across the internet.

Now, allow’s get into the best kitchen splashback ideas for your desired kitchen.

We have gathered floor tile splashbacks, stove splashbacks, as well as a couple of concepts for Do It Yourself splashbacks.

Best Kitchen Splashback Ideas


1. Arabesque Tiles


If you want your kitchen splashback to have an exotic and also premium feel, Arabesque floor tiles are best for you.

These floor tiles are reasonably expensive to acquire as well as set up as a result of their form, but the outcome is worth it!

We love this example of marble Arabesque tiles getting to from the counter to the ceiling, full of a butler sink and vintage-looking components.

2. Black Glass Splashback


This modern kitchen is accentuated by a black glass splashback and also glossy white cupboards. For a stark and modern visual, look no further compared to black glass splashbacks for kitchen areas.

They are easy to tidy, provided their level surface, and could be found in many different colors, depending on your taste.

3. Chalkboard Splashback


If you always discover yourself forgetting your grocery store checklist or little bits of your household’s schedule, this idea is for you.

This is just one of one of the most customisable kitchen splashback ideas on our list, simply as a result of the fact that you can make use of it with chalk!

A chalkboard splashback will certainly enable your family members to make a note of a grocery store checklist in one spot or to write notes to every other simply.

Chalkboard paint could add a feature to lots of components of your house, check out this short article to locate some inspiration.

4. Chevron Tiles


Chevron has been extremely trendy for the past couple of years, and also it’s not vanishing anytime soon.

This kitchen splashback runs from the floor to the ceiling in the entire area, but you don’t have to go that far.

If you made the stripes much shorter, you could recreate a comparable look in between your worktop and upper cupboards.

5. Copper Splashback


You currently know we enjoy the suggestion of a copper sink, however, why not take it a step even more and also set up copper as your kitchen splashback?

Copper is long lasting, resilient, and simple to tidy, as well as these top qualities make it an excellent product for kitchen splashbacks.

It is additionally antimicrobial, suggesting that it kills almost 100% of germs that cause health care-related health problems. That does not desire an extra sanitary cooking area?

6. Ruby Kitchen Ceramic tiles


If you want ceramic tiles that look a little bit more exciting than metros tiles yet don’t intend to go right for Arabesque or hexagonal ceramic tiles, diamond-shaped ceramic tiles are excellent for you.

These gorgeous tiles are available in a wide variety of products and colors depending on your tastes and also the color scheme of your cooking area.

This kitchen showcases marble ruby tiles and neutral coatings, offering the kitchen a premium appearance.

7. Geometric Ceramic Tiles


Include some visual rate of interest to your kitchen by mounting one of our much-loved kitchen splashback ideas.

This is just one of the several contemporary kitchen splashbacks available to you, and we believe it looks perfect.

The diamond tiles are rotated to create a chevron pattern featuring various shades of gray, yellow, as well as lotion floor tiles.

The ceramic tiles pair well with the crooked kitchen closets as well as a unique kitchen island.

8. Herringbone Shingles


Do you love the look of a chevron splashback but only wish to use one-floor tile color? If your solution is “yes,” rectangular floor tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern is right up your alley.

For this look, you can either utilize skinny rectangular shapes (pictured) or regular subway tiles. Both will look excellent; it just depends on your choice.

Installing floor tiles in a herringbone pattern is extra laborious compared to mounting them in a standard fashion, so keep that in mind when you’re evaluating proposals.

9. Hexagonal Wall surface Tiles


These wall floor tiles look perfect set up in an arbitrary pattern (imagined) or all in one color. Hexagonal tiles add a distinct flare to any kitchen area, as well as your visitors are sure to be impressed by your layout preference when you install them.

Like Arabesque ceramic tiles, hexagonal floor tiles are relatively expensive to mount as a result of their shape. Maintain this in mind when you’re shopping for floor tiles and also evaluating bids from interested experts.

10. Iridescent Kitchen Splashback


If you’re going with a glam search in your new kitchen area, these floor tiles are best for you. You could frequently find rainbow-like ceramic tiles in shades of white, like the example in the photo.

We love the use of both iridescent as well as glossy floor tiles in this kitchen area, as it adds a little flair to the splashback.

If you’re setting up tiny ceramic tiles like these, the installment expense can get quite costly as a result of the labor required, yet you might be able to discover larger ceramic tiles that have a pattern built right into them currently.

11. Marble Splashback


This kitchen is rather over-the-top, as it showcases marble worktops and also a complete marble splashback. However, you do not need to go this much in your very own kitchen area.

If you make use of quartz or an additional less costly material on your worktops and utilize marble on the splashback between the worktops as well as top closets, we make certain the effect will be just as grand!

One worry concerning using marble on your splashback is the fact that it discolorations quickly if you’re not mindful.

So if you’re prone to sprinkling spag bol or wine in your kitchen area, marble could not be the best choice.

12. Mirrored Kitchen Splashback


If you have a tiny kitchen or a wall surface covered in windows (like the kitchen envisioned), mirrored splashbacks can boost the appearance of your kitchen area.

Installing mirrored splashbacks can add some much-needed dimension to a small kitchen, making it look larger. They could also improve the natural light in a room like the one pictured, as a result of the floor-to-ceiling windows in the area.

When you select a mirrored splashback, be aware that they could look unclean fairly quickly.

If you’re not thorough about cleaning your splashback daily, dust and gunk can develop, reducing the tidy appearance of your brand-new cooking area.

13. Moroccan-Inspired Kitchen Tiles


So far, the kitchen splashback ideas we have shared have been tailored in the direction of contemporary or neutral cooking areas.

On the various other hand, this splashback suggestion is excellent for eclectic or exotic cooking areas.

These Moroccan-inspired tiles will certainly look wonderful with butcher block worktops and also open shelving, as in the picture cooking area.

You can often find tiles like these at markets or charity shops, so while not look next time you’re out?

After that, you could work with an expert to mount your reclaimed vibrant kitchen area ceramic tiles in your brand-new kitchen.

14. Mosaic Shingles


Mosaic ceramic tiles like these can usually be found in sheets that your installer will adhere to your wall surface easily.

If you’re trying to find a much more bespoke or special pattern, you can have your professional mount private floor tiles in a mosaic pattern.

This alternative will be much more pricey due to work and also products involved. However, it will certainly take your kitchen area to the next degree.

15. Painted Porcelain


This kitchen splashback idea is similar to Moroccan-inspired tiles but doesn’t need to follow a particular origin or aesthetic.

These ceramic tiles could be discovered at charity shops, flea markets, and even shops on the high street. If you’re creatively inclined, you might even paint them on your own!

Just get some white ceramic floor tiles, repaint them, and bake them till they’re done.

16. Dime Tiles


Penny floor tiles are quite stylish now and are commonly seen on the flooring of hipster spots around London.

You can find dime ceramic tiles in various colors, though they are most preferred in white as well as black.

This cooking area includes silver iridescent penny tiles, and also we love the monotone appearance of the splashback!

Relying on just how you acquire your penny floor tiles, the installation cost will differ.

If you get them on a sheet, the expense will certainly be fairly low, but if you buy them individually, you will need to pay even more for installment.

17. Rectangle-shaped Mosaic Splashback


If square mosaic ceramic tiles typically aren’t the best selection for you, rectangle-shaped ceramic tiles may be extra your style.

These small floor tiles are stacked like train ceramic tiles, yet they are set up in a mosaic pattern differing colors. Like the other small tiles on our checklist, the installment expense of rectangular mosaic floor tiles relies on just how you acquire them.

If you get sheets of pre-made mosaics, the expense will certainly be reduced, but if you go the bespoke course, you will certainly pay extra in installation fees.

18. Scalloped Splashback

This cooking area includes a few of our preferred things, consisting of 2 butler sinks, a pot filler, and also ship-lap cladding.

The defining part of this kitchen area is not those components. However, it is the lovely scalloped splashback emphasizing the premium kitchen.

The light blue floor tiles are divided by gray cement, including contrast to the palette of the kitchen. Like Arabesque floor tiles, scalloped tiles are fairly pricey to mount, as they have an abnormal shape.

19. Square Tiles


For a splashback much like metro ceramic tiles but different enough to set your kitchen area apart, why not set up square floor tiles in a balanced out pattern?

This kitchen includes flat square floor tiles divided by gray grout in a pattern just like the common train floor tile setup.

We enjoy just how the tiles are combined with a rock splash back to develop a distinct appearance. This is just one of our favorite sink splashback concepts, as well as we bet you’ll enjoy it in your house, as well.

20. Stainless Steel Splashback


For a durable as well as very easy to clean splashback, look no more compared to stainless steel.

This kitchen splashback is ideal for a modern-day, or industrial cooking area, however, would watch out of a location in a traditional or farmhouse kitchen area.

We suggest coupling this splashback with a stainless steel sink and also steel worktops.

21. Stainless-steel Tiles


If you like to look of a stainless-steel splashback yet want an extra refined and modern look, these steel ceramic tiles are excellent for you.

We like the way these floor tiles look with dark open shelving as well as lighter worktops. You could commonly find these ceramic tiles in sheets of pre-stacked tiles, which decreases the price of setup.

22. Train Tiles


This is probably the most preferred kitchen splashback suggestion around, and also for good factor.

Metro floor tiles came from with the New York City City metro system (as well as the London tube), where white floor tiles are stacked in a countered pattern.

While you will normally locate white subway tiles, you can locate them in several colors.

These ceramic tiles look best in a farmhouse or classic kitchen, yet can deal with any type of style!

Kitchen Splashback Tiling Concepts


Toughened Glass (as a splashback or home window)


Toughened glass might be repainted on the reverse in a fantastic range of colors.

Although painting has a particular degree of opacity, it should be kept in mind that if holes are left in the wall surface (for instance from old power point sites), they may show up with the splashback as well as ought to be taken care of before setup.

Marks will certainly reveal if the history is one color. Shadows of more opaque sprinkles could add to their prominence.

Printed Glass


Strengthened safety glass might be used near gas burning cooktops than other materials. Ticking the security box is simply the suggestion of the iceberg.

The printed glass is moisture immune, heat resistant, and takes on the several rigors of cooking area usage.

The layout on printed glass not only includes style (see feature photo) but supplies camouflage causing a clean appearance, despite a couple of olive oil splashes as well as condensation that naturally happen in a well-used cooking area.

When it is time to clean, it is easy with a microfiber towel– no cleaner called for.

Mirrored/Silvered Glass


I know exactly what you are thinking– a B for looking clean?!

Mirrors in the kitchen area could look cleaner than solid color glass due to the reflection of the remainder of your kitchen area.

Strengthened shatterproof glass must always be sought for cooking area applications. As with all glass, cleaning is simple and also chemical free.

Slumped Glass


While sagged glass looks clean as a result of pattern, the three-dimensional nature of the item is exactly what makes it somewhat harder to clean.

A toothbrush would be needed to get right into several of the grooves of the style.

Slumped glass is not toughened as well as could as a result just be placed 200mm or more from the nearest burner.

Stainless Steel


Stainless steel can be very tough to clean to an adequately uniform appearance.

Much of the stainless steel on kitchen area appliances, such as refrigerators, has an easy, tidy finish on it to limit streaking.

Stainless steel splashbacks are not armed with such a finish. While stainless steel is simple to wipe and also sanitize, it is tough to achieve a streak-free look.

Pushed Metal


Pushed steel could look stunning as a praise to a variety of cooking area designs.

Nevertheless, it should be kept in mind that pressed steel is very slim and also will not stand up the all-natural deterioration a modern-day kitchen area is revealed to.

Even cleansing will certainly be tough without denting. If a worn-in patina is desirable– then this could be your product.

Glass Floor Tiles


Glass floor tiles cover a raft of dimension, color as well as pattern choices for your splashback.

A greater portion of the expense of glass floor tiles is often in the setup since they are tough to reduce, as well as if transparent can disclose what is below– professional care in tiling is called for!

Make certain to factor this right into your spending plan. These glass floor tiles were located here.

Ceramic Floor Tiles


Ceramic tiles have constantly been a prominent alternative for kitchens. The continuing fad this year is the subway floor tile impact (a surprised “brick laying” pattern).

Ceramic tiles can be budget friendly as well as be available for a wide variety of colors as well as structures to fit different looks as well as requirements.

Porcelain Ceramic Tiles


Porcelain tiles are more challenging than ceramic floor tiles as well as wear extremely well in a busy environment such as a domestic kitchen.

Porcelain ceramic tiles are also proper for floor covering, which implies a specific match can be accomplished in between floorings and also walls if desired.

Big Layout Porcelain


Huge layout porcelain is the next big point in kitchen area emerging. It is simple to see why it has accomplished such propulsion.

Huge format porcelain can be found in an outstanding range of colors, textures as well as effects including strong color, metal impact, wood impact and also marble effect.

Textured and patterned porcelain stands up to extra splatters and also condensation before showing up grubby, with the solid colors carrying out much less well.

Porcelain is just one of the hardest, warm and wetness immune surfaces for this application and also for that reason uses extremely well. Just like all costs products, the price does match.

Hardwood Cellular Lining Boards


Hardwood cellular lining boards could include country charm to a kitchen area, but they are highly flammable, subject to denting (if softer hardwoods are utilized) and also hard to clean.

Wood Veneer


Wood veneer could be an outstanding wall cladding within a kitchen giving it has a secured two-pack polyurethane finish.

Natural Stone– Granite/Marble


All-natural stone has been the top selection for Mediterranean kitchen surface areas for centuries. It is hard, noncombustible, appropriately wetness immune and because of is all-natural veining can hide cooking splatters and condensation.

In time, natural stone will certainly establish a patina as a result of oil absorption from food preparation. A fringe benefit of all-natural rock is the capacity for backlighting.

Backlighting natural rock could boost the variant in the rock as well as great supply wow-factor.

Engineered Stone


Engineered rock is a prominent selection of bench tops and also could be proceeded up walls for a seamless result. A separate wall cladding must be picked for locations within 200mm of a cooktop, nevertheless.



The laminate could be utilized as a feature wall surface; it is a popular option for wet locations. Colours may be matched to doors or benches if this is wanted.



Corian is an acrylic layer, which could scrape conveniently. Nevertheless, it may be polished by hand to get rid of scraps.

An excellent attribute of Corian is that a virtually smooth join may be attained.

Roller shutters are a fantastic approach to hiding added storage space.

Various designs of roller doors are offered as well as dental caries they hide could be as huge (for appliances) or little (for flavors) as wanted.

Painted Plaster


Painted plaster certainly is inexpensive, but it lacks wow factor and ability to take on wear and tear.

It is not moisture resistant (depends on the covering) and does not endure the constant cleaning required for a kitchen area.

Raw Block


Raw block gives an affordable choice for a function splash back if the brick currently exists sitting.

Scribing of the bench-top will certainly be needed to fit it specifically to the abnormalities of the block; this can be pricey and also will not cause a straight line in between bench-top as well as a splashback.

If rustic charm is your bag, then the raw block will fit your cooking area well.

A fire ranked finishing can be put on fill up pores, bind dust from mortar and also block and also make cleaning easier.

Raw Bluestone


Bluestone likewise offers an inexpensive option if it is already in position. It has rustic beauty, is warm resistant as well as has been used around cooking areas for centuries.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to clean because of its permeable nature.

Scribing of the bench top will likewise be required for bluestone because of the abnormalities of natural and also quarried rock.

As for the block, a fire ranked finishing may be applied to minimize pores.

We hope our kitchen splashback ideas have inspired you to upgrade your kitchen area.

Altering your splashback can bring new life to your kitchen area for a cheaper cost compared to a complete cooking area remodeling.

The average price of cooking area tiling is ₤ 23 per hour, so mounting a brand-new splashback won’t be excessive of a financial worry.

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