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Awesome Movie Room Ideas | Cool Cinema Theatre Decor in House

Movie Room Ideas – Back when I lived in a high-rise condominium, I had a simple television as well as a respectable sound system– nothing special.

After I obtained married, my partner as well as I transferred to a single-family house and also wanted to take the opportunity to produce an amazing media space in our cellar.

We ended up spending plenty of cash refurbishing our seventy-year-old residence, so we had little left over for a modern flick room. Regardless of the limited budget, we developed an amazing entertainment facility.

Movie Room Ideas


There was a time when the television was the focal point of the living room, with every furniture being set up around it!

A number of us Television lovers still tend to do the same, but the modern pattern has been to take the TV far from the living-room or to conceal it completely.

While some have taken it to the bedroom and the family room, others have gone with gorgeous as well as at times sensational media spaces and also residence cinemas that blow you away.


It is either an over-the-top residence movie theater, media space or the covert TV nook that grace most contemporary interiors. So, when did the excellent old’ Television Room beginning ending up being unneeded?

There are plenty of firms prepared as well as waiting to construct your desired area, and also they bill you tens of thousands of dollars to do it.

However, if you want to save by tackling the project yourself, think about these five key elements of producing your media room, and also the means to surpass assumptions without surpassing your budget.

Movie Room Ideas on a Budget


There’s even more to an excellent home movie theater than fresh-made snacks.

Many thanks to streaming solutions, it’s much easier compared to ever to have your choice of flicks right from home. Currently, you simply should create the ideal watching setting.

A decade back, an in-home testing area was a luxury scheduled for celebrities and CEOs. Now that flicks are readily available at the swipe of your finger (confess, when was the last time you left your home to view a movie?), it’s no surprise that developing an outstanding home cinema is also within your grasp.

As well as with these tips, you will not need a significant financial institution to do it.

Give it some room


The ideal measurement for a house cinema is an area that’s 20 feet long by 13 feet vast. (If this isn’t available, a space that goes to the very least 12 feet by 12 feet ought to work as well).

The dimension of your room could also determine whether to select a TV or a projector as well as display. could assist you to figure out how far away your seating ought to be based upon the dimension of your display. If you don’t have the area for a 10-foot-wide display, or if your room obtains a great deal of light, stick to a TV.


If you do go with a projector as well as screen …

Select a dealt with the display, i.e., one that remains on the wall surface in any way times, rather than a retractable one, which will conserve your loan. Look for one with a thick, black structure, which boosts the photo quality.

As for projectors, look for a 3-D option with high-def 1080p resolution. Optoma projectors obtain superb testimonials at an economical cost point.

Spend lavishly on sound


You’ll want to spend a bit, even more, money on the subwoofer and also a receiver, which will offer you movie-theater-quality audio. Prepare to spend $450 to $500 for each item.

And inspect out Monoprice for the appropriate wires and audio speaker cable you’ll need to link your new system.

Acquire a Blu-ray Disc player


If you don’t already have one, Blu-ray is the means to go. The photo quality is amazing, and also the player will certainly have applications as well as streaming tools constructed right in. (Benefit: You could obtain one for around a hundred bucks).

Control the acoustics


Audio quality (and ensuring your watching habits don’t disturb every person else in your home) is crucial to an at-home cinema.

If you have the additional cash, you can acquire premade acoustic panels. Or else, you could make your personal for around $20 to $50 per panel.

Don’t stint surge guards


You have invested a great deal of money and time right into your tools, so a power rise shouldn’t crush it!



Acoustic tiles are the optimal surface area for your area’s ceiling. Visit any theater, as well as you will see that their ceilings are covered with fiberglass panels similar to the ones in the dropped ceilings you see in many offices.

Thankfully, making use of these decline systems is the least pricey way to cover an incomplete ceiling.

Due to the low ceilings in my basement, I needed to eliminate the existing ceiling first. Within the structure of the floor above, I included two layers of usual fiberglass insulation.

Two layers of insulation won’t keep much warmer compared to one, yet packaging in a second layer truly assists to include the sound. Though insulation is unpleasant, it’s low-cost and also very easy to mount.


Next, I set up all of the hardware and also electrical wiring for the lights, audio speakers, and ceiling mounted the projector.

Finally, I installed the decline ceiling made of basic fiberglass tiles. Many media rooms are black, to produce a theater-like experience, and the hardest part was discovering all the floor tiles and also equipment in black.

I ultimately located a house enhancement shop that would unique order it for me. If you are unable to find black panels, you could coat them with spray paint before mounting them.

I completed the ceiling initially so about minimize the opportunities of harming the walls or wrecking the carpet. The overall expense of our 150-square-foot-room was under $200.

Wall surface Surface area


The majority of modern-day homes have wall surfaces made of drywall, while older houses like mine have plaster walls. Both products have terrible acoustics.

To fix the issue, I added affordable, lightweight acoustic boards that almost any residence enhancement store will certainly bring.

I then had my carpet installer cover them with slim, indoor/outdoor carpets, like the kind you would certainly discover covering the walls of many movie theaters.

Again, you will certainly wish to finish the wall surfaces before you begin on the flooring to avoid spoiling your flooring’s rug. My complete cost was under $500 for the acoustic panels, the slim carpet, as well as the setup.

Window Coverings


If you have home windows in your movie room, attempt to cover them to block out the light. Room-darkening tones are a terrific alternative, particularly incorporated with standard drapes.

Alternatively, you could acquire heavier drapes that are lined to stay out the light.

You could install room-darkening tones for about $30, and also more expensive drapes can set you back $100 to $200 per window.

Floor Coverings


For acoustic factors, the floor of your motion picture area must never be timber, concrete, tile, or linoleum. Make use of a plush carpet when possible.

I could have my rug installer re-use carpets that we got rid of from one more space to expose wood floorings, which maintained expenses at a minimum.



Most cinemas make use of colors to control reflections of the light off of the display and to make the room feel larger. We went with a black ceiling, dark navy blue wall surface covering, as well as a beige flooring rug.

This, not just aids with optimum watching however likewise has the effect of making a dark room appear bigger compared to it is.



While you’ll intend to have the ability to turn up the lights before as well as after viewing your flicks, excessive illumination throughout the movie will certainly harm the picture high quality as well as reduce your space’s general atmosphere.

A windowless room could appear suitable, yet you will most likely still desire simply a bit of light while you are watching your motion picture. The optimal service is a dimmable illumination product.

Light Instructions


Placement your illumination devices such that it illuminates the room indirectly by shinning primarily on the walls and also the floor. Prevent lighting the ceiling, as its darkness will make space feel bigger.

I found low-voltage lights as well as strung them on wires along each side of the room. These were available for under $100 at a house enhancement shop.

Furniture Options


Specially-designed home cinema seats are lavish. However, they come with a significant price tag. The affordable options are reclining chairs or a couch you already have.

If you’re fortunate enough to have the room as well as want to include two rows of seats, develop a wood platform 6 to twelve inches high to boost the second row. Cover the system with carpet as well as you’re good to go.

Movie Room Ideas Setup


As soon as you have selected all the pieces of your system, you will certainly then have to create it. It does not take expert skill. However, some aspects will require expert assistance.

I wired the speakers as well as the lighting before I got to work with the ceiling. After that, I had to work with someone to install the carpeting on the flooring and also as wall coverings for around $150. Lastly, I attached the sound and also video clip parts myself.

Movie Room Ideas That Balance Style with Functionality


There was a time when the television was the centerpiece of the living-room, with every furniture being set up around it! A lot of us Television aficionados still tend to do the very same, yet the modern pattern has been to take the TV far from the living-room or to hide it.

While some have taken it to the room and the living room, others have gone with stunning and sometimes magnificent media rooms and also home cinemas that blow you away.

It is either an outrageous home movie theater, media room or the surprise TV space that poise most contemporary insides. So, when did the good ol’ TV room start becoming unnecessary?


Component of the problem with specialized TV rooms is innovation as well as just how ‘libraries’ complete with loads of electronic rewards have replaced the single TV with cable.

After that, there is the decrease in costs, which has suggested a committed house theater or a great male cavern even more accessible for everyone.

However the Television Room appears to be making a comeback of sorts, and today we take a look at 20 tiny TV rooms that offer much more compared to simply home entertainment.

Multifunctional Television Room


Anytime we discuss a devoted area that only offers a solitary purpose; we can hear a lot of our viewers wince in the distance. It is without a doubt an age of multitasking, and individuals expect their house to do the same.

Since the majority of us spend barely an hr or more on weekdays hooked to our favorite programs, it does make sense to use it completely by turning it right into a residence workspace, library, reading nook and even the children’s game room.

Just put in a trendy sleeper sofa or perhaps a Murphy bed system, and also it will also act as a wonderful guest room when you have loved ones over for the weekend break.

This method takes the TV from the living-room and also a bedroom, also while utilizing the tiny added room.

Selecting the Right Décor


We are discussing small spaces with the minimal area right here, which implies that the décor choices you make will certainly be vital. A tiny TV room with a modest television, maybe a Blu-ray gamer, as well as added devices, needs very little regarding actual square footage.

With contemporary wall-mounted sets and smooth home entertainment devices, also the tiniest spaces can become a cozy Television Room that offers you well. Include a great sectional or a luxurious sofa to make the most of the seats in the room, as well as you could also throw in some ottomans for youngsters.


Built-in, custom-made banquette sitting saves room and offers additional storage space alternatives, while an iconic piece like the Eames Lounger or the Bubble chair will bring both designs as well as skill to the room.

The options you make depend upon the variety of members in your family members, the objective of the space (certainly multipurpose spaces will certainly need added decoration) as well as the size of the area itself.

And also in a TV room with a neutral background, intense as well as colorful home furnishings appear right in your home and provide it a playful ambiance.

Have fun with Area & Characteristics


Taking the television far from the living room helps not simply enhance the looks of the space, however likewise conserves you a lot of time.

A lot of us invest many hours lazing before the TELEVISION just because it is there, and often it is left running in the background for no factor.

Having a dedicated TV room solves this trouble, and also this is exactly the reason even residences with lush living spaces and adequate square video footage currently feature smaller sized Television Room.

As soon as you have chosen the room for the TV room, a choice decoration that is aesthetically proportional to the dimension of the area as well as complements its design.

Cellar as well as attic room Television Room gain from low-slung decoration with a smaller sized impact, while larger areas could suit larger items.

Establishing the Right Mood


Lighting is a necessary component of any media or Television Room, as well as getting it right in the tiny room could be a difficulty sometimes.

Dedicated Television Room could have a darker, moodier setting that gives the perception of a much more luxurious residence movie theater.

Shades such as black, dark gray as well as deep violet on the wall surfaces together with clever ambient lighting work best in such areas.


If the TV room is a part of the larger space or is used as an office, laundry, visitor area or game room, then choose a lighter backdrop and a more happy ambiance.

The design is one more consideration, and with a small TV room, you can try fun motifs and styles that move away from the one made use of in the rest of the house.

If your television beings in the living-room or room, then selecting a different TV room is a smart suggestion, regardless of how tiny it is. The adjustment in the way of life that it brings is something you will notice virtually immediately!

Movie Room Ideas Final Thought


Currently, you excel to go! Certain, it isn’t the easiest procedure, once you get the hang of it you will not invest some time figuring out the ideal placement– you’ll feel in one’s bones.

Likewise, expect to earn mistakes. Having a little spackle around for a few holes you pierced in the incorrect place can’t hurt. In spite of the disappointments and blunders, the important point to keep in mind is that when you are ended up, you will have a cinema in your home.

It turned out to be among the best-unintended choices I’ve made.

Possibilities are you’ll like it, as well.

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