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Stylish Stair Carpet Ideas to Enhance the Visual Look of Your Home

Stair Carpet Ideas – Staircases are one of the most usual location in the home of having to carpet, and yet they are likewise the trickiest.

Also if you like hard surfaces such as wood or laminate, rug on the stairways is still a smart idea, also if it is in the kind of a jogger on the stairways.

What Rug Is Ideal for Stair Carpet Ideas?



Having to the carpet on the stairs is considerably more secure compared to having the stairways covered in a difficult surface area flooring.

Firstly, as well as a lot of undoubtedly, hard surfaces are unsafe, as well as could easily lead to an autumn.

Second of all, just a fall happens, carpet uses a much softer landing area compared to hardwood or laminate, which can help reduce the likelihood of injury?



Many people are fretted about just how the carpeting will certainly look where it wraps around the edge of the stair, or where it needs to be reduced around barrier messages.

Typical issues consist of being able to see the support of the rug as it twists around the side (specifically with Berber) and having the ability to see the seams where it has been joined together around a message.

You will not be able to see the support of the rug, except– possibly– in the absolute most affordable grade item.


Also, most entry level or ‘builder quality’ items will certainly not show the backing when wrapped around the edge of the stair – supplied, obviously, they have been correctly set up.

The rug has a certain direction to the heap, and the direction must range from the top of the stairs to the base (not sidewards).

Not just does this boost the efficiency of the carpet and also ensure proper wear, it likewise prevents you from seeing in between the ‘rows’ of fiber when you bend the carpet.


To obtain a far better understanding of this, the next time you have a rug sample in your hand, try folding it lengthwise, and afterward fold it size wise.

You will see the distinction; one method of folding will reveal a lot more of the backing.

The means of folding that does disappoint the backing is the manner in which is entering the proper direction, and the method the carpet needs to be installed on the stairways.

If your staircases are open on one side (or both sides), and the carpeting has to wrap around the outside side of the staircase, there is a possibility that, with a Berber, some of the supports could reveal, because the carpet is currently being curved on the contrary instructions.


With a higher quality Berber, this must not be an issue. I have seen several Berbers mounted on such staircases with lovely outcomes.

With proper installment, the seams where the carpeting has been joined around the posts should not be as well recognizable.

Certain types of carpet do hide seams far better than others; longer piles such as friezes as well as saxonies conceal them much better than short or looped heaps.



There are two techniques of mounting carpeting on the stair: waterfall or French cap.

The falls technique entails just flexing the carpet over the side of the stairway and also bringing it right to meet the step of the following action.

It is an easy and also quick means to set up the rug, and consequently, many brand-new home contractors utilize this method.

The French cap approach covers the rug around the edge of the stairway and tucks it under the lip, contouring the form of the action. (See the above image for an instance of French capping).

This technique calls for much more time and ability on the part of the installer but offers a beautifully completed look.



Stringers are the side supports for the stairways. If your stairways are enclosed, the stringer will certainly run along the wall at the very same angle as the staircases. Should you cover this in carpet or repaint it?

The answer, thus numerous others, depends upon what you favor. Rug on the stringers is aesthetic; it does not offer any other purpose.

If your staircases or stringers are irregular, just like an older residence or a harsh Do It Yourself task, it may be a great idea to cover the stringer with carpet, to help mask the blemishes.

Or else, the look of carpet on the stringer might be taken into consideration somewhat dated.

The even more contemporary design is to leave the stringers uncovered, and also painting them the same color as the trim, or tarnish them the color of the wood stairs.



Many individuals ask me what design of carpeting they could put on their stairs, and my answer is: whatever you like!

Any style of carpeting could be used on stairs; my only caution is regarding the thickness of the carpet. An extremely thick carpet can not be used on stairs.

It is much as well tough to wrap around the edge of the staircase and also fasten right into the area.

Furthermore, a thick carpeting can, in fact, be slippery, as it prevents you from getting a great foothold, and can be a security risk.

Top Quality

Stairways are the greatest web traffic location in any house, not just because they are usually utilized.

The impact of foot traffic is greater on stairs than on flat locations as a result of the added pressure of gravity as you come down the stairways.

This means that you need to be making use of the finest quality carpet and also padding you can manage.

While an upgraded carpeting and pad will be an additional price in advance, they will certainly most absolutely save you money in the future, as the rug will need to be changed less frequently.

Carpet Runner on Stair Carpet Ideas


A stairway runner is a piece of rug that does not cover the entire width of the stairway. It is mounted on wood or tiled stairs.

Runners can be found in practically all shades and also patterns and are likewise available in different sizes.

Why Include a Runner?


There are a variety of factors for including a jogger to stairs. Among the most common and also perhaps noticeable factors is for safety.

Timber or tiled staircases could be fairly unsafe, which could offer a threat, specifically when there are kids, animals, or people with mobility problems in the house.

Including a runner decreases the risk by providing a safe place to walk on the staircases, as well as the included comfort of the soft carpeting underfoot.

Furthermore, carpet takes in sound far more than difficult surface areas do, so adding a runner will certainly make flounder and down the stairs much quieter.


Finally, a carpet runner includes design. A staircase including a runner produces a stunning centerpiece in your home.

However, you have to make sure to pick the appropriate runner.

There are two alternatives for choosing a jogger on stairways: a pre-made jogger, normally including a pattern, or a tailor-made runner, frequently constructed out of broadloom.

Runner Size


When taking into consideration stairs, a typical inquiry is just how wide should the rug jogger be. The solution to this will certainly depend on the size of your stairs.

For staircases that are roughly 3′ broad, I would certainly suggest a 27″ jogger size.

This size allows for good coverage to make sure that you don’t seem like you are walking on a slim strip, and is not too broad to subdue the staircases.

For larger staircases of about 4′ or 5′, a 32″ or 33″ runner is a great choice, as it will certainly leave a great amount of cabaret on either side as well as will certainly not be decreased by the size of the stairs.

If you have custom stairs that drop outside of the typical sizes detailed above, your best bet would certainly be to have a runner customized, to make sure that you can tailor it to your specs to enable proper scale.

Various other Tips and Concepts for Beautiful Stairway Runners


The appeal of stairway joggers can be wrecked if they are not placed properly making the most effective visual effect.

It is suggested that you leave 10 centimeters on either side of the staircase rugs. In that way the aesthetic appearance is pleasing, and also the stair runner is wide sufficient for a comfy pacing the stairways.

Usually, carpeting runners are matched with area rugs for a more custom-made and merged look. Depending on the effect you wish to achieve and also the jogger rugs type, you might choose to choose contrasting shades and visual impacts.

Open stairs supply the alternative to wrap each stairway walk individually.

Type of Pattern


Formed joggers are gorgeous, and can be found in a limitless option of design and colors. But be sure that the pattern will work on stairways.

Some patterns are much more effective on long, flat surface areas, such as a jogger in a corridor, and also do not work too when they are bent and also folded up over the stairways.

If you have a curved or winding staircase, this is much more of an issue.

Unless you have a straight staircase (with no bent steps) I warn versus making use of a specific pattern on staircases, such as a ruby, square, or another geometric layout.


Also on straight stairs, matching up a direct pattern can be difficult. If the pattern is off even the least, it will certainly stick out notably, as well as the general impact will certainly be ruined.

If you have your heart set on such a pattern, make sure to have it professionally installed by a person that focuses on stairs job.

Non-geometric designs, such as abstracts or the flower styles commonly located in Asian carpets, are a good selection of pattern for stairs.

These styles do not call for the same specific matching as geometrics as well as therefore create an attractive completed appearance.

Pattern Dimension


For the range of the pattern, it is best to go little on a stair runner.

Large patterns will certainly be lost and also will certainly look as well unequal as the carpet flexes over each stair. Smaller sized patterns will well display the style on each step and riser.

On narrow stairs, a little pattern can help the stairways to seem wider, as multiple patterns repeat trick the mind into seeing a bigger area.

Stair runners could look in various means. If you desire a dramatic effect, pick a staircase rug with broad red stripes in a different shade.


Geometric patterns provide the atmosphere a contemporary look. It is suggested to choose repeated patterns and also choose those patterns that are complementary to the overall style of your house.

Abstracts or floral designs develop an appealing finished appearance and also look fashionable as well as elegant. The dimension of the patterns likewise matters as small sized patterns will make slim stairs look bigger while big patterns may be lost.

Personalized Runner


Probably you would certainly prefer a jogger without any pattern, or with a much more refined design (such as one created by a cut and loop design).

In these instances, having a jogger constructed out of broadloom is your best bet. The runner could be cut to your precise requirements as well as finished on the sides by binding or serging the edges.

Having a jogger customized out of broadloom can commonly be more economical compared to buying a pre-made jogger.

It does not call for a large amount of rug to cover a staircase, so you might also have the ability to purchase a reduced residue and also have it made to your size.


Don’t assume that you need to search for a remnant that is a long, slim dimension.

Joggers are not installed on the staircases unharmed.  Also, pre-made joggers are cut into items to permit correct suitable to the stairs.

So when you find a remnant or a piece of rug, it will essentially be reduced right into areas which will certainly be set up end to finish, offering the appearance of a smooth runner on the staircases.

Staircase Walks


One choice for staircase carpeting is to cover only the step (the part of the stairway that you step on) with a runner, as well as leave the riser (the back) of the stair discovered.

This produces a different total impact compared to covering the entire stair, and also can be an excellent choice in much more minimalistic or modern-day decorations.

For runners covering the treads only, I advise a refined pattern or no pattern in all, given that the carpeting pieces will certainly be separated.

Ornamental Poles


Poles are an optional accessory to staircase joggers. A metal rod is set up at the back of the stair, where the riser meets the tread– such as envisioned over.

The rod is not, in fact, holding the runner in position. The runner is installed using staples, tackless, or whatever various other means regarded ideal by the installer.

The rod is simply attractive and also is optional. Poles typically have ornamental finials on completions to accentuate the total look.



Despite the fact that the carpet runner is a little piece of rug, it still needs a cushion or underpad. The very best pillow for under a runner is extremely slim to ensure that it does not elevate the elevation of the runner by much.

It must additionally be thick, to effectively support the runner so that the carpeting doesn’t bend too much when walked on.

I recommend making use of a pad of one-quarter inch (1/4″) density under a stair runner. The rubber pad is a good choice under a jogger because it is firm and extremely thick.

The cushion needs to be slightly narrower than the jogger, to enable the jogger to sit tightly against the staircase and make sure the underpad is not noticeable from the side of open stairs.

Stairway runners combine functionality with capability. Staircases are a needed element for your house, as they offer a vertical link between the floors.


The first needs to stairs that we have are safety and also dependability. The stairs are among the most visible locations of your home.

Bare staircases could be lovely as well as an incredible accent on the inside of the residence yet often they can be rather loud.

Stair joggers will certainly permit your staircase to last longer, avoiding the wood from a fast wear, also, to serve as a part of the design.

If you choose to lay rug joggers on the staircases, it is important to consider every one of factors that discussed above.

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