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Types of Guppies Based on Colors, Patterns, Tails and Eyes

Types of Guppies – There are numerous various kinds of Guppies that it’s hard to detail them all. Many breeders are continuously working to produce new varieties at all times.

If you have actually ever before checked out a pet store as well as appreciated the different sort of Guppies you saw there.

It could shock you to know that you have actually likely only seen a fraction of the selections these fish come in. Find out more concerning them.

Types of Guppies Species


According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica, Guppies are a member of the Poeciliidae family members. In this family, you’ll find:

  • Micropoecilia picta – This is a smaller sized participant of the Poeciliidae family that stays in brakish waters.
  • Poecilia reticulata – This is the usual Guppy, as well as this name is commonly accepted as the appropriate name for the varieties, although it is occasionally referred to as Poecilia (Lebistes) reticulatus by some taxonimists.
  • Poecilia wingei – This is likewise referred to as the Endler Guppy. It’s carefully pertaining to the usual Guppy and consequently able to intermix with it although most enthusiasts think each varieties should be kept pure. These fish are not located in animal shops as commonly as the typical Guppy, yet they are offered.

A Summary of Different Types of Guppies

Guppies have been a favorite of pastime breeders for years, and several kinds have been established with the years.

These “types” are also referred to as “strains” by hobby breeders when a particular collection of features starts to breed real.

When you begin to blend as well as match all the feasible attributes that are found in these fish, it’s easy to understand why there is such an unbelievable range to choose from.

Other than the fact that Guppies are sexually dimorphic.

Which suggests you could inform the men and females apart simply by considering them, there are three significant characteristics that identify one type of Guppy from the next.

  • Fin type – There are several unique fin kinds which you could watch in the chart below.
  • Color – This consists of body color in addition to fin color, since both could be various.
  • Pattern – This consists of body pattern as well as tail pattern because both could differ.

Types of Guppies Based On Colors

Guppies are available in nearly every color. Some even come in metallic colors.

Steel Guppies, as they are in some cases described, have a certain luster since they have actually cells called iridophores.

Iridophores are actually color cells that have no color of their very own and rather reflect light off their mirrored platelets.to produce an irridescent impact.

Guppies could likewise lug different colors on the top as well as lower parts of their bodies.

The top section of the body, that includes the head and also main body, is normally lighter in color, such as a light grey.

As a matter of fact, this grey is possibly one of the most leading body color in the types, however you’ll also discover some gold and platinum bodies, along with albinos.

The thinner, back section of the body that leads into the tail is sometimes a different color from the rest of the body.

1. Albino


The Albino Guppy shows the recessive albino phenotype attribute. This characteristic shows red eyes as well as the absence of black melanin.

This types of Guppies can appear in lots of colors.

There is a Red Albino Delta and also Storage tank class and also any other colored Albino delta would certainly be gone into in the AOC( Other Color) class.

Albinos with shrouds are entered in the Body/eye color course.

Expectant females should be placed individually in a heavily planted container because freshly birthed children have poor vision as well as can be eaten quickly.

2. AOC (Any Other Color)


The AOC color course covers all color types that do not fit in any one of the various other color IFGA delta color classes.

3. AOC BiColor


The AOC Bicolor course (Any Other Color Bicolor) covers all bicolor kinds that do not fit in Blue Green or Red bicolor courses.

A bicolor must have a base color and also the additional color should go to least 25% of the tail color. Both colors should stand out.

Nothing else 3rd color that is much more that 15% needs to be present or it would took into consideration a multi-colored Guppy.

The dorsal needs to match the same color and pattern in the tail.

 4. Blue


Heaven Guppy varies from a sky blue to a dark blue. Females will certainly show blue highlights in their fins.

5. Blue Green BiColor


The Blue Green BiColor Guppy can be found in several kinds.

Blue, Green, or Blue-Green needs to be the dominate color over the second color in the tail. The dorsal ought to match the same color and pattern in the tail.

A Blue Green Bicolor need to have a base color that must be blue/green/blue-green as well as the secondary color needs to go to the very least 25% of the tail color.

Both colors have to stand out. Nothing else third color that is a lot more that 15% must be present or it would certainly considered a multi-colored Guppy.

6. Half Black Blue


The Half Black Blue Guppy is a blue Guppy with the half black body quality.

7. Bronze


The Bronze Guppy is a Guppy that is a hereditary gold with greater than 25%” gold color” on the body with scales detailed in black.

A lot of Bronze Guppies on the program bench have either Red BiColor or Green BiColor tails.

According to IFGA requirements a Gold Guppy should contend the very least 25% of the body showing the color of genuine gold steel on the body.

The addition of the recessive bronze attribute that edge the ranges in black makes it qualified in the Bronze course.

8. Females


The female program Guppies typically reveal intense fin colors as well as big finnage.

Female need to reveal a gravid area to get approved for competition in an IFGA women course.

9. Half Black Pastel


The Half Black Pastel has the half black body with any pastel solid colored tail except for yellow.

Most fish on the program bench are white pastel tinted fish.

The sorts of food fed to the Half Black White Pastel Guppy could effect the pure white color of the tail.

10. Green


The Green Guppy is much searched for color pressure. A true green Guppy that is show quality is challenging to develop.

Many Green Guppies on the program bench are green combined with blue iridescence and also could be disqualified as a result of kind of light and also the angle of the light that may turn it blue or green or purple.

Female of green strains show green highlights in their fins.

11. Half Black Green


The Half Black Green Guppy is a Green Guppy with the Fifty percent Black body characteristic.

A challenging strain to keep a dark half black body.

12. Black


The Black Guppy color goal is to be totally black without any additional color.

Most Black Guppies are tiny to medium dimension.

Reproducing for larger size commonly results in a loss of good black color as well as matching dorsal.

13. Half Black AOC


The Half Black AOC Guppy is any kind of half black body Guppy that could not be gone into the black course or any other fifty percent black color course.

14. Yellow


The Yellow Guppy is a striking fish to see on the show bench. Challenging to keep the intense yellow color as well as finnage.

Usually a tool size fish. A lot of Yellows on the program bench are genetically gold.

15. Half Black Yellow


This types of Guppies is a striking looking fish with it’s bright yellow tail and also different half black body.

Tough line to preserve.

16. Multi


The Multicolor Guppy ideally has 3 or even more distinctive colors that are similarly dispersed in the tail.

Each color needs to have 15% or more of the tail location to be considered a tail color.

The dorsal needs to match the color and also pattern of the tail.

17. Purple


The Purple Guppy has strong purple in the tail and also dorsal.

18. Half Black Purple


The Half Black Purple is a purple Guppy with the fifty percent black body trait.

19. Red


The Red Guppy is available in numerous body color types such as grey, gold, and also albino.

Gold as well as albino type of body are one of the most popular because the black melanin is lessened or gotten rid of to produce a cleaner red color.

The high quality of the color depends upon the mix of the standard red with a history of blue, lavender, and yellow history colors.

The colors on the program bench array from orange to deep maroon. Reds typically have large bodies and also slow-moving developing fin development.

20. Red BiColor


The Red Bicolor Guppy have to have a base color of Red and the additional color should be at least 25% of the tail color.

Both colors must be distinct. Nothing else 3rd color that is a lot more that 15% needs to be present or it would thought about a multi-colored Guppy.

The dorsal needs to match the very same color and also pattern in the tail.

21. Half Black Red


The Half Black Red Guppy is a Red Guppy with the fifty percent black characteristic.

Some are genetically gold to have a cleaner red tail, however this deteriorates the preferred dark half black body.

This type of Guppy is hard to have the preferred 1 to1 proportion body to tail size.

Types of Guppies Based On Patterns

Some Guppies are strong colored, while others show various body patterns.

Body patterns consist of:

22. Cobra


This pattern consists of some upright disallowing along with rosettes.

23. Snakeskin


This pattern likewise has some rosettes, yet it looks even more like a chain-link pattern presented across the base color.

The snakeskin quality is normally dominant as well as Y-linked. Some pressures are X-linked.

Many stress also bring the leading zebrinous characteristic (not sex connected) creating vertical bars on the peduncle area.

This could mask enough of the snakeskin rosette pattern to make it much less than the 60% rosette pattern needed to receive the Snakeskin class.

Guppy tail fins can be solid-colored, yet they could also come in different patterns that make them look quite unique.

It’s interesting to keep in mind that patterns typically go by different names in different regions. The pattern names noted below are several of the most common.

24. Tuxedo


In this pattern, the front as well as back halves of the body are really 2 different colors.

The light upper body color as well as the darker lower body color are remniscent of a tuxedo match, particularly in the half black selections.

Tail patterns include:

25. Lace


This is a penalty, web-like tail pattern. It occurs frequently on Guppies that lug the snakeskin pattern on their bodies.

26. Mosaic


This pattern is comprised of areas that connect to one another to develop a rather irregular pattern.

27. Leopard


This pattern covers the fin in a collection of places that look vaguely just like leopard places.

28. Grass


This pattern is finer compared to the leopard pattern as well as is called grass since the tiny dots resemble grass seed.

Type of Guppies Based on Tails

Selective breeding has brought about the development of a number of distinct tail kinds.

The chart listed below deals a clear sight of various ranges that are currently available.

Although each sort of tail is classified below, you’ll still locate that the same kind of tail may pass a various name in an additional region.

A lot diversity is a good thing, however it could get a little complicated at times.

29. Swordtail


The Swordtail can be found in solitary or dual sword tail. Ideally just the sword part of the tail ought to be tinted with 5 to 1 proportioned dorsal. Swordtails are long lived as compared to Delta trailed Guppies

Chart contrasting different Types of Guppies

While a many types of Guppies have dark eyes, some really have red eyes, There are 2 types of red-eyed Guppies.

30. Genuine Red Eye Albinos (RREA)


These Guppies have a little paler red eyes, and also they do not have melanin, makings them true albinos.

31. Real Red Eye (RRE)


These are normal-colored Guppies that have red eyes. In many circumstances, they tend to be a little on the small side, although breeders are working to develop bigger, a lot more vigorous strains.

There’s a Many Types of Guppies to Please Everyone


Guppies are offered in every color of the rainbow, in mixes of colors as well as different patterns and also tail kinds.

When you think about that all these characteristics could be located in pracitcally limitless mixes, there’s bound to be a minimum of one Guppy that pleases the eye every individual.

Whether you are interested in reproducing as well as revealing Guppies or you simply want to maintain some as pet dogs, you’re going to locate a minimum of a few types that actually attract you.

Guppies are very easy to take care of, so do not wait to give them a shot.with great green color finnage. So, which types of guppies you want to buy?

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