what do guppies eat

What Do Guppies Eat and Everything That You Need To Know About Feeding Guppy Fish

What do Guppies Eat – A fundamental part to take care of your guppy is to recognize exactly what must be fed to your guppy and also ensuring that your cherished guppies eat the best food.

The best sort of food would guarantee you’re your guppy flourish and also grow healthy whereas offering the wrong food could provide health problems and also could misbehave for your guppies.

This post will certainly focus on the different type of food that you can give to your fish.

This isn’t everything about the timeless fish food but additionally the additional treats that you can utilize as a supplement for your guppy.

We likewise talk about exactly what is the correct amount to feed your guppies and also exactly how commonly need to they be fed.

What Do Guppies Eat ?


As a foundation for their diet regimen, you can give your guppies the traditional fish flakes.

Together with the flakes keep in mind to include various other points such as real-time or freeze-dried foods. Keep an eye out for the tropical flake food in the aisles which is produced exotic fish like guppies.

Go for either Omega One Super Color or Tetra Color Tropical Flakes.

If you do not discover tropical food after that do not fret.

You can feed them various kinds of flakes considering that they usually are extremely just like just what other fishes consume.

Pellet fish foods are likewise a choice although they are also large for the guppies.

There are unique smaller sized pallets located which are produced small mouthed fish like the guppies.

Simply remember that the flakes are structure food.

What Other Foods Can Guppies Eat?


You could feed other points to guppies apart from flakes. Veggies, live and ice up dried out food is one more choice.

Right here is a listing of freeze dried out food that you could feed your guppy:

  • Daphnia
  • Bloodworms
  • Brine Shrimp

The risk for feeding real-time food is that your guppy may catch diseases.

This is why freeze dried food is advised. They aren’t that nourishing but could save your guppies from conditions.

Feeding Vegetables to Guppies


What do Guppies eat ?


Why you don’t try vegetables?

Fresh veggies keep your Guppies and Livebearers Fish a bit healthier if you are able to supply some range in their diet.

Although some readily offered pellets or flake foods do contain vegetable active ingredients, you ought to try as well as provide fresh veggies so you can restrict the quantity of processed fish foods consumed.

Aim to prevent feeding your Guppies broccoli, cabbage or anything that smells like onions, and also the jelly parts in tomatoes or cucumber (the solid component of these vegetables are fine).

Or else, these kinds of vegetables can contaminate your aquarium tank and start fouling the water rapidly.

Try to eliminate any veggies left in the storage tank after 3 or 4 hours as hereafter time they have actually shed most of their preference so the fish are much less curious about them.

The veggies will certainly also go slimy and start fouling the water. Difficult vegetables like carrots could be left for approximately 12 hours.

You could make use of a veggie clip to maintain your vegetables in position on to the side of your aquarium storage tank.

It’s basically a clip with a suction mug that holds your veggies in place.

Or else they may start drift about and also it’s more difficult for your fishes to obtain a nip at it and also they’ll surrender.

They must be available at your local fish pet shop or you can additionally buy these veggie clips online.

WARNING: Peas can be used to soothe irregular bowel movements in any kind of fishes, so even if you do sporadically provide your fishes’ diets with plant issue, it additionally works terrific as a “home remedy”.

You could feed all these veggies to guppies as well.

  • Peas (Fresh or Icy).
  • Bell Peppers (Environment-friendly/ Red/ Yellow/ Orange).
  • Sweet Corn (Fresh or Icy).
  • Potato/ Sweet Potato.
  • Carrot.
  • Pumpkin.
  • Cucumber/ Zucchini/ Tomatoes
  • Lettuce/ Romaine lettuce/ Spinach

Are Flakes The Best Food for Guppies?


Guppy fish are incredibly easy to feed. I wouldn’t suggest not obtaining the most inexpensive brand readily available.

As you most likely know, quality does include a rate as well as for your fish to be eating the same food.

I think it could a minimum of be of high quality grade.

Also if it indicates the distinction of you investing a couple extra bucks.

Flakes are mosting likely to include the majority of their diet regimen. Here is a great brand called Omega One.

Essential: When feeding your guppies, do not over feed them. These fish are known to have digestive system problems and their organs obtain what is called “bloating”.

To guarantee your fish do not over consume, just feed them an amount of food that they will take in within a couple of minutes.

The amount of times a day? Twice a day is a good number to opt for.

The guppy belly is only the dimension of their eye round and that doesn’t take much to fill up.

One pinch of flake food from your hand is mosting likely to feed various fish.

If you do a quick search in some of the huge fish forums for unwell guppies, you will find that many people overfeed their fish tell they end up being sick.

Fish will certainly remain to eat previous cravings because of hostility of various other fish.

It’s a great deal like a big family. Ideally that aids. Allow me know if you have extra questions.

What Do Guppies Eat – Alternative


Guppies are omnivorous; they’ll devour on nearly anything you give them.

For fry, feed collapsed fish-food flakes, hard-boiled-egg yolk, and also baby brine shrimp.

Older guppies could endure on simply fish food flakes, but they’ll benefit from the enhancement of real-time foods two or 3 times a week.

You can get online foods or icy whole foods at the pet dog store, or you could raise real-time foods at home.

Give them brine shrimp, daphnia, bloodworms and also mosquito larvae.

They’ll likewise eat the algae that expand naturally in the fish tank, though algae typically expand much faster compared to guppies could consume them.

Do Guppies Eat Mosquito Larvae ?


Yea, outstanding fish food. Basically everything goes wild for them.

Actually, guppies specifically have actually been presented to different components of the globe to try and aid manage mosquitos.

Although your ones appear more like midget larvae (still fine).

They are excel insect control fish.

Can you Feed Guppies Fruit or Individuals Food ?


Evidently you can, but alot of fruits can transform the ph of the container as a result of their level of acidity and also im uncertain how much great all the sugers in watermelon will certainly do to the guppys.

You could feed fish spinache, cabbage, cucumber, zuchini, prawns as well as little tiny pieces of fish.

However you have to be carefull with things like shellfishes as well as fish meat.

Because they could make water quality go bad swiftly so it is best to do a 20% water adjustment after you have actually taken the rests of the food out or 30mins after it has been totally eaten, they are excellent for fish.

Do Adult Guppies Eat Their Fry ?


Yes, they most certainly do eat their fry, as do Platies, Swordfish, Mollies, & the various other common livebearers.

Nonetheless rather than dividing them, which is difficult to the fish, your best choice is to include great deals of plant material for the fry to conceal in.

Guppies breed so regularly & generate such huge amounts of fry, that unless you’re in the purebred Guppy reproduction organisation, having several of the fry provide some online food for the parents isn’t truly a negative point.

With enough plant material (planted & drifting), you ought to still end up with sufficient infants to enjoy expanding on into adults without overpopulating your container ahead of time.

Is Fish Food Ok For Guppies ?


It will not hurt them however it is a bit low in protein for them.

It could be a good idea to obtain a container of tropical flake when you obtain a possibility as well as feed a small amount of each.

If its a new aguarium be gotten ready for it to cycle. Feed the fish only exactly what they will certainly consume in 3 mins once every other day until the cycle is complete.

Your ammonia will increase (not hazardous if your pH goes to 7.0 or below). As your ammonia comes down your nitrites will rise.

These are the largest killer of freshwater fish. Including rock salt or an additional non iodized salt will certainly assist stop troubles.

You will intend to add at least 1 tablespoon each 5-10 gallons. This is likewise really useful for guppies. They tend to get ill with out the salt.

As you nitrites come down your nitrates will go up. When you have 0 ammonia as well as nitrite compared to your container is cycled as well as you could start feeding your fish percentages day-to-day or add brand-new fish.

Your container will certainly reuse if you overclean it, overfeed it, or add a lot of fish at the same time.

Attempt not to allow this take place. When your container is cycling it is regular for it to be over cast.

How Much Food Should Guppies Consume ?


Beside ” what do guppies eat “ you should know about “how much food shuould guppies eat” too. Feeding the right amount is important considering that overfeeding could damage your fish.

Guppies have bellies which are just the size of their eyes!

Overfeeding your guppy can block their intestinal tracts. To understand if you have overfed your guppy, look out for a path of poop!

Feed your guppies little portions about one or two times a day.

Include little and minute pinches of food in your storage tank and never ever add greater than exactly what your guppy can eat.

Leaving food in the storage tank after feeding could contaminate your tank as well as rot it. After feeding make certain to get rid of any kind of excess of food.

Note that the metabolic rate of your guppy will certainly reduce if you keep them in low temperature water.

Maintain them in warmer water so they eat perfect.

Always keep in mind, you can’t do much damage to a fish by underfeeding it, yet can cause a lot of damage by over feeding it.

Just How Commonly Do Guppies Should Eat?


Guppies don’t need a great deal of treatment, but they do require a few things, such as a clean home, adequate space and also enough food to eat.

Provide your guppies a great area to live and the appropriate diet, and also you could appreciate these vivid little fish for years.



Fry is the term utilized to explain infant guppies.

Guppies are live-bearers, which suggests their infants show up as little, swimming guppies, not as a glob of propel the within your fish tank.

If you do not separate fry from the bigger fish, including their moms and dads and various other fully grown guppies, the babies swiftly become the bigger fishes’ main course.

These little fry individuals are starving at all times, and you should feed them four to 8 times a day while they are little.

You could decrease the number of feedings as they grow.



Feed your adult guppies a percentage of food one, 2 or three times a day.

Feed them no more than they can consume in about 5 mins so the leftover food doesn’t nasty the water.

Supplying them a pinch of food in the morning and also an additional pinch at night is plenty, though the size of the pinch should take into consideration the number of fish you are feeding.

It won’t damage the fish if you miss out on a day, although they might make a fantastic show of swimming to the top to try to find food whenever you walk by.

Factors to Consider


While the optimal feeding schedule for guppies is once or twice a day, that does not suggest that you cannot take place vacation without employing a fish sitter.

Guppies, even juveniles, can go a week or 2 without being fed as well as do simply fine.

If you’re bothered with them, get them a trip block, a pre-formed block that liquifies gradually, releasing a small amount of food each day; or have a close friend stop by and also feed them once a day.

Guppies go to risk of overfeeding, which can foul their water as well as cause them to obtain sick and also die.

For How Long Can Guppies Live Without Food?


Everything depends upon the age as well as wellness, as well as temperature to figure out for how long guppies can make it through without food.

For an approximate guess, you can state that regarding a week. Keep them without food for greater than a week and you’ll eliminate them.

If you’re going on a vacation, after that purchase an automated fish feeder which will certainly feed your guppy at established periods.

There is a threat with it given that there is an opportunity that your feeder might release a lot of food or little food You could pick maintaining a feeding block if you aren’t comfortable with a feeder.

However understand that blocks can cause your water to obtain murky as well as disturb the water specifications.

Ask your friend or your neighbor to feed your guppy, they may not know concerning the feeding patterns of a guppy so make sure you inform them the patterns as well as teach them before you hand over the reins.

Give out the amount of food beforehand to decrease the threat.

Where to Purchase Guppy Food ?


The food from the grocery store has the tendency to be of low quality. Obtain your guppy food online by popular brand names such as Tetra, Hagen or Hikari.

All list of food above are good for Guppy Fish. So now you know what do Guppies eat exactly.

What favorite food do you throw right into your aquarium storage tank for your Guppies to eat? Allow us know in the comments below.

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